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Whitening Your Teeth for a Special Event: When Should You Start?

October 23, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoffman @ 1:35 pm
Man and woman smiling during their wedding

For big events like weddings, family reunions, or graduations, you want to make sure that your smile is looking its best. As such, you may be thinking of having teeth whitening performed before the special day arrives. But how far in advance should you start the whitening process? Here’s what you need to know about enhancing your grin for any upcoming events that you may be looking forward to.


What Can Lead to Dental Bridge Failure?

August 14, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoffman @ 8:54 pm
Illustration of a dental bridge being placed

A dental bridge can close gaps left by missing teeth, leaving you with a smile that you can feel a lot more confident in. However, even the highest-quality dental prostheses have limited lifespans, and dental bridges are no exception. If you want to keep your bridge for as long as possible, then it’s important to be aware of things that could cause it to fail; below are 4 particularly serious threats to watch out for.


Why Do I Have a Bitter Taste In My Mouth?

May 5, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoffman @ 2:49 am
woman with a bitter taste in her mouth

If you’re wondering what is causing a bitter taste in your mouth, it’s likely you won’t be attributing it to something you recently ate or drank. Certain foods and beverages are known to cause this kind of taste but when the issue arises out of nowhere and doesn’t quickly dissipate, there’s probably a bigger, underlying problem. A dentist shares what can cause a bitter or metallic taste to form and what you can do about it.


Veneers or Invisalign: Which Will Help Improve My Smile?

April 12, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoffman @ 3:02 am
shade guide for veneers

You’re no longer happy with your smile. What you see in the mirror each day leaves you feeling more and more self-conscious about your appearance. You’ve heard about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry but don’t know which solution is best. Should you choose veneers or Invisalign? Before making a decision, hear from a dentist who explains the benefits of both so that you can feel confident in choosing the right one for you.


4 Steps to Take When Dealing with a Lost Filling

March 8, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoffman @ 9:25 pm
patient with a dental filling

You’re out enjoying the day with your family, eating a hearty meal when suddenly, you realize something isn’t right. You reach for your mouth and discover you have a lost dental filling. While panic might seem like the logical first step, it’s important that you remember to stay calm. To keep from causing any further harm to your tooth, here are four easy steps to follow that will ensure you better manage the problem while waiting to see your dentist.


My Dental Bridge Fell Out: What Should I Do?

January 12, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoffman @ 10:51 pm
dental bridge

You’ve been enjoying life with your dental bridge, eating, speaking, and smiling with greater confidence. Its functionality makes performing daily tasks with optimal ease, and better yet, it looks completely natural. But after years of wear, you begin to worry that your restoration may be nearing time for a replacement. While you assume it will occur when your dentist says it’s time, there is always the potential that it could come out on its own. So what should you do if a dental bridge falls out? Read on to find out.


4 Questions to Ask Before Undergoing a Smile Makeover

December 19, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoffman @ 11:08 pm
patient talking with dentist

Multiple smile imperfections can cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance. It may seem as if there is no attainable solution for the various problems occurring inside your mouth. However, many dentists now offer smile makeovers as a way to improve aesthetics and rebuild your confidence. But when meeting with your dental professional to discuss your treatment plan, make sure to ask these four questions.


3 Ways to Beautify Your Smile Now and Save

September 14, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoffman @ 9:56 pm
dentist holding tablet with dental insurance on it

With only a few months left in 2022, have you considered seeing your dentist for a checkup or treatment? Taking care of your teeth and gums can have lasting effects on total body wellness, so not only will it positively impact your health now, but it will keep you looking and feeling better year-round. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the time you have left this year to beautify your smile, here are three ways to maximize your dental insurance benefits so you can save more.


4 New Year’s Resolutions to Ensure a Healthier Smile in 2022

December 6, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoffman @ 10:32 pm
a woman with a healthy smile for New Year’s

Are you ready to make a change for 2022? Do you long for better oral health? Do you want your teeth to look and feel their best? If so, you might consider adopting these four New Year’s Resolutions! Don’t just commit to taking better care of your body. Make your smile a priority, too!  


Is It Possible for Receding Gums to Grow Back?

November 27, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoffman @ 10:22 pm
a digital image of a receding lower gum line

One of the most common symptoms associated with gum disease is receding oral tissues. When they begin to pull back and expose more of the natural tooth structure, it increases the risk for further infection and irreversible damage. While a person’s gums cannot grow back, there are things a dentist can do as well as helpful at-home tips that are designed to prevent worsening problems and prevent gum disease in the first place. 

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