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Your Dentist in North Sarasota Talks Toothpaste

February 10, 2017

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Your dentist in Sarasota discusses toothpaste varieties. The toothpaste aisle seems to grow by leaps and bounds every year. The last time you went to pick some up, it went as far as the eye could see, and every box had a brightly colored label declaring that it was the best. With so much choice, it can be difficult to feel confident when choosing a toothpaste. Which one is actually the best? Despite the seemingly endless variety, most toothpastes actually fall into just 5 categories. Today, Dr. Warren G. Hoffman, your dentist in North Sarasota, is going to discuss each one, and let you know which one you should use every day.

1. Fluoride Toothpaste

This is a toothpaste specifically geared towards helping your teeth fight cavities. It’s able to do this because the fluoride in the toothpaste actually adds minerals to your teeth as you brush. This helps replace the minerals that have been eaten away by plaque and bacteria. Your teeth are constantly exposed to them, so a fluoride toothpaste goes a long way in preventing tooth decay.

2. Tartar Control Toothpaste

When plaque is left on the teeth for a long time, it can eventually harden into a substance called tartar. It is much more difficult to clean off when you brush and floss, and can easily cause tooth decay and gum disease. As the name indicates, tartar control toothpastes are intended to help remove this stubborn gunk. Conveniently, most of them also contain fluoride as well.

3. Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste

A person’s teeth can be sensitive for many reasons, but the most common is that their enamel has thinned, exposing the delicate nerve. This is why some teeth hurt whenever you eat or drink hot or cold food items. These toothpastes typically contain potassium nitrate or strontium chloride, which are compounds that block the pathways in your teeth that are attached to the nerve. Usually, a person needs to use this kind of toothpaste for about a month before it will start taking effect.

4. Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpastes are intended to remove stains using abrasive chemicals or silica particles to literally scrub them off of your teeth. They aren’t as effective as whitening strips or gels at changing the color of your teeth, but they do a good job of keeping them clean while maintaining your smile’s color.

5. Children’s Toothpaste

These are very similar to the other toothpaste varieties, but they usually do not contain fluoride, come in a wide variety of flavors, and are safe to swallow. Exposure to fluoride too early can actually be harmful for young children, causing a condition called fluorosis.

Which One Should I Use?

This is the ultimate question. Out of all these, which one is the best for your teeth? Of course, that depends on your particular situation. For example, you would never want to use a whitening toothpaste if you have sensitive teeth, as this could remove precious enamel. Dr. Hoffman and the team at Parkway Ridge Dental would recommend most people to use a fluoride toothpaste, but the only way to be certain is to actually pay them a visit at their dental office in North Sarasota. This will give Dr. Hoffman and his team the chance to clean and examine your teeth, as well as help them determine what your particular needs are. Afterward, he’ll be able to tell you which kind of toothpaste would work best for you, and will even provide a free tube of it.

Any Questions?

All in all, almost any toothpaste will be good for your teeth as long as you brush twice a day. They are all very effective at keeping your teeth clean, so it’s hard for you to go wrong.

If you have any questions about which toothpaste you should use, or want to know more about everyday dental care, please give us a call today.