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Teeth Grinding in Sarasota is a Worse Habit than Nail Biting

August 16, 2017

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We use a custom mouthguard to treat teeth grinding in Sarasota. There’s been studies that link antidepressants and anxiety medication to bruxism (teeth grinding), but a recent study shows social anxiety that patients are trying to treat is actually the hidden culprit. According to a study by Tel Aviv University, severe dental wear was found in almost half of the study’s participants with social phobia. Symptoms of awake bruxism were reported by 42.5% of social phobia patients.

What can your dentist do to help patients with teeth grinding in Sarasota? By helping patients better understand what can trigger an unpleasant teeth grinding habit and notice the symptoms, we can also assist patients in treating it effectively.

Discovering Your Teeth Grinding Habit

Many patients may wonder how they’re supposed to uncover a subconscious habit when they aren’t even aware that they’re doing it. There are many underlying factors that may be causing you to grind your teeth at night, so recognizing the cause of a nervous habit may help you discover your nervous dependency or avoid it altogether. Most conclusions point to psychological factors that trigger your central nervous system, although some may be because of physical issues. Some causes may include:

  • Emotions (anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, or tension)
  • Personality type (competitive, hyperactive, or aggressive).
  • Abnormal alignment of your jaws.
  • Other sleep issues like sleep apnea.
  • Body’s response to pain like an earache.
  • Side effect of medications like antidepressants.
  • Coping strategy for a focusing habit.
  • Result of a disorder like Parkinson’s disease.

Symptoms of Problems with Bruxism in Sarasota

The signs of teeth grinding are subtle. That’s why it’s important to visit your dentist, Dr. Warren G. Hoffman of Parkway Ridge Dental, for regular exams and cleaning. He will be able to spot the erosion of your teeth or an uneven bite when analyzing your mouth.  If you experience any of these symptoms, please reach out to your office for assistance:

  • Damage to your teeth, restorations, or jaw.
  • Tension-caused headaches.
  • Soreness in your face and jaws.

Treating Teeth Grinding with Parkway Ridge Dental

Although there is no quick cure to bruxism (especially when it’s associated with social anxiety or stressors that will be present in your life for a long time), the condition can be managed. Thankfully, Dr. Hoffman is here to provide the professional support that you need for your teeth grinding habit.

Our office can provide a custom mouthguard for patients that are experiencing the painful, inconvenient symptoms of teeth grinding. This can provide the jaw the cushioning that it really needs before your smile becomes damaged or eroded. Over time, patients find that they’re symptoms are significantly reduced with the use of their custom mouthguard. Their teeth grinding episodes even occur less often with less intensity.

You already have enough to worry about, don’t add damaged teeth to the list! You can find the best solution for your dental problems today by contacting our Farmington office.