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Don’t Damage Your Smile with DIY Charcoal Teeth Whitening!

October 1, 2017

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woman smiling white teethHave you seen some of your favorite social media celebrities sharing how a charcoal mask has changed the way they do skin care, but when you watch the video, it seems a bit abrasive? The charcoal goop is smeared on their skin, dried and sealed into their pores, then painfully peeled off along with all the contents of their pores.

With that aggressive approach, you may wonder why people would want to use charcoal toothpaste for teeth whitening. It has the same abrasive effect on your teeth. Let’s take a deeper look at how charcoal toothpaste could actually be hurting your teeth rather than giving you a brighter smile.

How Bad Do You Want Brighter Teeth?

You may desperately want a whiter smile, but you shouldn’t have to risk your oral health to achieve the smile of your dreams.

When people choose to use activated charcoal to remove stains on their teeth, they’re actually brushing their teeth with regular charcoal that’s been heated with gas. There have been issued statements warning people of the whitening effects of activated charcoal. Yes, you may have brighter teeth for a short period of time, but what happens to your smile long term?

The Long-Term Effects of DIY Teeth Whitening

Companies claim that activated charcoal can remove toxins and stains from teeth and gums, leaving you with a sparkling smile. Really, there are two things that charcoal toothpaste could be doing to damage your smile:

  1. Decreasing your intake of fluoride. Normal toothpaste contains levels of fluoride that your teeth need to stay protected against enamel erosion and tooth decay.
  2. Charcoal increases your chances of enamel erosion because it’s roughness on the protective layer of your teeth. This makes it easier for bacteria and staining properties to stick to your teeth. Also, you could be increasing your risk for greater plaque accumulation, more cavities, and even advanced gum disease.

Try Teeth Whitening from a Professional

Do you want a safe way to achieve pearly white teeth? Rather than reaching for the quickest fix, it may be time to contact a dental professional that can help you get the long-term results that you truly want with your oral health in mind.

Most dentists offer free consultations that allow you to discuss your smile goals. This will help you and your dentist work together to develop a dental plan that works best for you. Dental practices also hold the safest, most effective at-home and in-office treatments for your comfort and convenience.

Are you ready to explore the different ways your dentist can help you achieve brighter teeth? Swipe past those Instagram ads and contact your nearest dental practice.

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