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4 Reasons to Choose Veneers for a Beach-Ready Smile

May 8, 2021

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a young woman standing on the beach and smiling

With spring in full swing and summer right around the corner, you and your friends are finally getting away for a week of fun in the sun. With the vacation countdown clock already ticking, you may be wondering what you can do to get your smile ready for the beach. A cosmetic dentist explains why veneers in North Sarasota can rid your teeth of any imperfections and help you embrace a more beautiful appearance.  

Veneers Help Cover Stains

Although they may seem small, they are certainly mighty when it comes to covering stains and discoloration. These thin shell coverings are customized to perfectly fit over the surface of your teeth, hiding any imperfection that might exist. If you’re guilty of consuming too many dark-colored beverages or engaging in bad habits that cause your teeth to appear yellow, veneers can effectively cover these areas and give you a fully transformed look just in time for the beach.

Veneers Eliminate Gaps

If comments about your “adorable” gapped smile growing up made you cringe, you’re likely ready to take charge of your oral health and say goodbye to this unnecessary space. Although you have the option to choose orthodontics, a minor gap can be easily covered with veneers. With a few quick measurements performed by your cosmetic dentist in North Sarasota, lab technicians will create a customized set of veneers that will hide the extra space and look completely natural when put into place.

Veneers Can Help to Straighten Crooked Smiles

When it comes to identifying a solution that will realign crooked teeth, the first method of treatment that may come to mind is braces. Yes, this is a possible solution; however, it is unlikely you want to wear metal brackets and wires while enjoying time on the beach with your friends. Instead, why not consider veneers as a suitable alternative? As long as your alignment is not too severe, these porcelain coverings can help your smile appear straighter and more balanced in significantly less time.

Veneers Can Repair Minor Damage

If faced with a sudden break or chip in one of your teeth, don’t assume that a dental crown is the only way you can fix this minor problem. Instead, a single veneer can be created and put into place, effectively covering the damage, and leaving you with a complete, beautiful smile. You’ll also notice that with a veneer, you will experience no discomfort or difficulty in eating or speaking, allowing you to feel more confident in your appearance.

There are many cosmetic services available that are designed to boost your confidence and improve your smile, but if you want a fully transformed appearance before heading to the beach, you cannot go wrong with veneers.

About the Author
Dr. Warren Hoffman is a dentist in North Sarasota who attended dental school in Baltimore, Maryland, and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He then went on to complete an externship during his senior year, providing dental services to stationed members of the United States Coast Guard in Honolulu, Hawaii. At Parkway Ridge Dental, he and his team want you to have a beautiful, healthy smile year-round. Whether you’re planning to visit the beach or hike through the mountains with friends or family this summer, he can get your teeth ready for photo-worthy opportunities. Contact us at (941) 358-8830 to find out if veneers or one of our other many cosmetic treatments is what you need to feel confident in your appearance!